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vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

A week of colors ~ multicolor ? IF-tall

Cat feeling tall, sitting on multicolors books!
-also...not finished yet-

and I had to think of...Chagall!!

A Week of Colors, summer edition, join in if you like!
 blue - Monday 27
 red - Tuesday 28
 green - Thursday 30
multicolor - Friday 31

Thank you  Francesca  for the inspiration!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. With books and Chagall, life is always a multicolored world :)

  2. 1st not finished? I like it as it is! Reminds me of T.A. Steinlen's kitty sketches which I have on my walls. ;o)

  3. Hi Tanïa, I was thinking of the cat noir, making this one!

  4. Chagall love his work! Have a great weekend filled with color!

  5. Love what you did with the fonts there, I'm going to copy your idea! :) Your intellectual cat is looking good - I think it should remain a white cat.

  6. Love the kitty and books and like Tania, I like it as it is!


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